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Annual Conference 2022 Graz

Our mission & goals

The INSEAD alumni network is robust, diverse and globally connected to an extent few institutions can boast. With more than 59,000 Alumni distributed across 175 countries with 166 nationalities, our Alumni are citizens of the world, understanding how to balance local and global perspectives, and have “experienced the world as it ought to be” as one graduate claimed. This aspect of the INSEAD culture is very powerful and valuable in the 21st century. In this smaller, connected world, it is critical that leaders view the world as a whole, and think and act both locally and globally. This has been part of the INSEAD culture for over 60 years.

As INSEAD Alumni Association Germany we help our members CONNECT. LEARN. GROW.

Facts & figures

Our offer

We aim to CONNECT. LEARN. GROW. our around 3,500 alumni in Germany with:


Social & professional events

Alumni expert networks 

(Family Business, Entrepreneurship, etc.)

Alumni directory

Lifelong learning offerings

Career advice

Our constitution

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